• Events: WSF Community NIght @ Isaac's Famous Grilled Sandwiches

    Isaac's Famous Grilled Sandwiches in Silver Spring Commons will be holding a Community Night to benefit the World Surgical Foundation. Bring your family and friends to enjoy great food and great company while supporting the foundation. 25% of the cost of your meal will go directly to WSF.

    Monday, 24 March 2014 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

    Isaac's Famous Grilled Sandwiches

    Silver Spring Commons

    6520 Carlisle Pike

    Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

    +1 717 7951925 [for takeout orders] [online orders use coupon code: FUND]

    Please bring the flyer with you to Isaac's if you are dining in!

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  • Mission Update: Philippines 2014 - WSF vs. Old Man Winter

    In spite of Winter Storm Pax causing flight cancellations as far away as Tokyo (NRT) to Manila (MNL) and forcing the World Surgical Foundation crew in Pennsylvania to venture out ahead of the storm on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 to Detroit (DTW), MI by bus or plane, and winter storms in Japan canceling the flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Tokyo (NRT) on Thursday, 13 February, all the doctors, nurses, and volunteer staff were able to travel safely to General Santos City for WSF’s 2014 Philippines Surgical Mission.

    Sunday screening and stock room setup went smoothly as 250+ patients were placed on the schedule for the eight (8) OR stations, and 51 balikbayan boxes were inventoried and catalogued for this 6-day surgical camp. The entire crew was finally assembled on Monday at General Santos City District Hospital as the first day of surgery was well underway.

    Day 1 of surgery for this 6-day mission has come and gone with at least 40 major procedures already completed with another 200+ scheduled for the remainder of the week. WSF would like to thank Kendra Nichols and Jon Eirkson from abc27 News in Harrisburg for accompanying us. We need all the help we can get in spreading the word about the work World Surgical Foundation is doing to help reduce the surgical burden of disease in developing countries. And abc27 has been instrumental in reporting the growing and continuing need for such work in places like Honduras and the Philippines.

    Check back here for updates as the week continues. Thank you for all your help and support. Remember to tell your friends and family about WSF so we can continue to heal the world one patient at a time.


  • Mission Status: Philippines 2014

    The World Surgical Foundation will be screening patients for its annual surgical mission in the Philippines on 16 February 2014 at General Santos City Hospital. Surgeries are scheduled from 17 to 21 February with eight OR stations operating at the same time. WSF expects to perform at least 250 major procedures in the areas of pediatrics, plastics, urology, ENT, Maxillofacial, OB/GYN, and general as well as any emergency surgeries not already on the pre-screened patient lists plus 50 minor procedures under local anesthesia.

    After completing the mission in General Santos City, Drs. Domingo and Veneranda Alvear travel to Cebu City where WSF is holding its 3rd Annual Pull-through Mission, screening patients on 23 February 2014, and performing surgeries from 24 to 26 February. Dr. Alvear and seven local pediatric surgeons working at four OR stations are teaming up on this focused mission. Forty patients with various anorectal malformations are listed for surgery.

    World Surgical Foundation continues to hold these pull-through missions because only a limited number of patients can be helped each year. Anorectal malformations occur once in every 4,500 live births, and many of these can be corrected immediately. Patients that are unable to have corrective surgery right away receive a temporary colostomy and may have to wait years or live with a colostomy bag for life. This is where WSF steps in to change their lives by giving them a normal life instead of being ostracized and hiding in shame.


  • Disaster Relief: Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

    World Surgical Foundation has been traveling to the Philippines for over 15 years providing medical aid to this island nation. WSF needs your help now more than ever in light of the devastation from Super Typhoon Haiyan. Our next mission is scheduled for February 2014. WSF president and founder, Dr. Domingo T. Alvear, will be in the Philippines at the end of the month to assess the damage and re-evaluate what supplies are needed for the upcoming surgical mission.

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  • MIssion Update: Honduras 2013 - Three Days Down

    The World Surgical Foundation has completed three days of surgery on its annual surgical brigade in San Pedro Sula at the Dr. Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital. WSF has been traveling to Honduras for the past 12 years offering free medical services to the poor in conjunction with Casa Corazón. The majority of doctors, nurses and volunteers arrived on 21 September 2013 with the remainder arriving on Sunday, 22 September just in time to help set up for the week. Screening of patients was also on Sunday with 125-150 patients diagnosed and scheduled for this 6-day surgical mission.

    Stay tuned here for updates or a more in-depth acount on the official WSF Mission Blog. And remember to Like Us on Facebook!


  • Press: Dr. Leber featured on WGAL-TV 8

    Dr. David C. Leber was featured in a two-part story on WGAL-TV 8 about a local Pennsylvania boy born with microtia, a congenital deformity where the pinna (external ear) is underdeveloped. Dr. Leber performed ear reconstructive surgery granting the boy his wish - for other children to stop asking him what happened to his ear. Leber has done many of these surgeries and his long-time hobby helps him in the operating room.

    Part 1: 7-year-old boy from Pennsylvania gets new, reconstructed ear

    Part 2: Meet the doctor behind the ear reconstruction surgery


  • Events: Tennis Tournament Registration Extended

    The registration deadline for the Dr. W. Minster Kunkel Memorial and World Surgical Foundation Junior Team Tennis Tournaments has been extended until Wednesday, 22 May 2013. The Kunkel Memorial Tournament is being held at West Shore Country Club on 24 May and the Junior Team Tennis Tournament is on 25 May at Harrisburg Academy Courts. 10 player slots are open for each tournament. WSF thanks you for your participation!

    Please contact David Remmel [] or April Gift [] respectively.

    Download the forms below for player and sponsorship information or to submit by mail:

    6th Annual Dr. W. Minster Kunkel Memorial Tennis Tournament brochure and form

    WSF 3rd Annual Junior Team Tennis Tournament flyer and entry form


  • Events: 2013 Tennis Tournaments

    It's not too late! Registration deadline for the Dr. W. Minster Kunkel Memorial and World Surgical Foundation Junior Team Tennis Tournaments is 15 May 2013. The Kunkel Memorial Tournament is being held at West Shore Country Club on 24 May. The Junior Team Tennis Tournament is on 25 May at Harrisburg Academy Courts. Please contact David Remmel [] or April Gift [] respectively. Download the forms below for more information or to submit by mail.

    Registration forms:

    6th Annual Dr. W. Minster Kunkel Memorial Tennis Tournament brochure and form

    WSF 3rd Annual Junior Team Tennis Tournament flyer and entry form


  • Mission Focus: Philippines 2013 - Pinpointed Surgery

    As medical care needs of the poor across the globe continue to rise, the World Surgical Foundation's work never ceases. Once the larger mission in Coron, Palawan was complete, Drs. Domingo and Veneranda Alvear along with a contingent of local Filipino physicians headed to Cagayan de Oro City in Northern Mindanao for WSF's 2nd Annual Pull-through Mission in the Philippines on 6 - 8 March 2013.

    This mission was sponsored locally by the Philippine College of Surgeons chapter in Northern Mindanao at the Xavier University Community Health Care Center. Because of the complexities and follow-up care needed for the procedures, WSF can only hold these missions in geographically desirable areas with adequate medical facilities and available specialists. Again, collaboration is the key.

    Pull-through missions focus primarily on Hirschsprung's disease and anorectal malformations/imperforate anus. Anorectal malformations occur once in every 4,500 live births and many of these defects can be corrected at birth or soon after. But in the Philippines sometimes all that can be done to save a child's life is performing a colostomy. And these children are why the World Surgical Foundation exists. By holding these focused missions, WSF is able to completely change lives. Instead of staying home or being ashamed because they have a colostomy, children can go on to lead happy, normal lives.

    WSF was able to help 16 patients including 2 young adults aged 19 and 26 who now have a second chance at life without a colostomy. In addition to teaching new techniques or showing how to correctly use a Peña Muscle Stimulator for detecting the location of the anus, Dr. Alvear also performed a rather uncommon procedure called a colon interposition. By taking a section of the colon and using it to bridge a gap between the esophagus and the stomach, Dr. Alvear was able to give this 1-year-old patient a working digestive system thus saving him from a lifetime of tube feedings.

    If you haven't already, read Jennifer's Blog entries for more stories and in-depth interviews about the Philippines 2013 Mission in Coron.

    Next stop for the World Surgical Foundation is Honduras in September 2013.


  • Mission Wrap-up: Philippines 2013 - Successful Collaboration

    On Thursday, 28 February 2013, the World Surgical Foundation finished its surgical mission at Coron District Hospital on Busuanga Island in the province of Palawan, Philippines. This surgical mission was part of the Adopt Coron District Hospital Project begun on 4 December 2011.

    In cooperation with the Philippine College of Surgeons, WSF performed 224 procedures including 110 minor surgeries, 50 OB/GYN, 41 general, 16 plastic and 7 pediatric. The 5-day mission in Coron proves the model of collaboration works successfully with equal numbers of WSF doctors and local Philippine counterparts represented. World Surgical Foundation could not have performed as many procedures alone. Without the Philippine College of Surgeons along with local anesthesiologists and nurses, WSF doctors would be working until well past midnight and have to turn patients away daily.

    For more in-depth interviews, pictures and stories check out Jennifer's Blog and remember to Like Us on Facebook.